School cafeteria cinnamon rolls


Classic Cinnamon Rolls, midwest version

Process notes

  • made a half recipe, using 108 gm soft white wheat and 108 gm hard white wheat
  • added about ¼ cup extra soft white flour because it was too hydrated, but next time it would be better to cut back on the liquids
  • had a heck of a time getting it to rise. Put it on the warming spot and left for about 2-3 times as long as recommended. I think it was either too wet, or the liquid ingredients were too warm and damaged the yeast
  • Used a round cake pan, but that was a bit too large so they’re flatter instead of tall.


Taste is good, but not like I remember them from chili and cinnamon roll lunch days in school. Probably because whole grain flour was substituted for AP flour. I decided to leave them gooey instead of baking them long enough to firm up, which was interesting but pretty much required a fork. I think I’d like a non-cream cheese icing better. I’ve come to the conclusion that our school didn’t spring for cream cheese when making these.