Seven deadly sins illustration project

Since I’ve been developing my illustration skills for several years on and off, I figured it was high time to take a class to give me another illustrator’s perspective and learn some new things. I signed up for a great class on Skillshare called Unifying an Illustration Series: Stylization Through Simplification.

The object of the class was to illustrate two of the seven deadly sins, using a Vespa scooter as additional inspiration. We began with mind maps, mapping a sin and the Vespa separately, then chose a concept that joined at least one element from each map.

Slothy Snail

My mind map for the Vespa included “scarf” and “sunglasses”, as in that 50s-era scooting-around-Italy style. And my mind map for sloth included “snail”. So I thought it would be quirky and unexpected to put the scarf and sunglasses on the snail, who’s sitting lazily on an Italian cobblestone street. And her shell will have the metal finish of the Vespa inspiration image.

My final illustration for this slothy snail:
Slothy snail illustration

Proud Peacock

For my second illustration, I went with pride. My mind map led me to pair peacock with wheels and a helmet. So my proud peacock has feathers using a wheel pattern instead of their typical pattern, and the peacock’s helmet has the typical peacock pattern on the side.

My final illustration for the proud peacock:
Proud peacock illustration

I’ve used mind maps for years, but never tried combining two themes, so that was cool to try. The instructor also had good tips on basic illustration techniques in Illustrator, focused on a way to approach the vector drawing stage in addition to some tool tips.

The class was informative and inspirational — definitely worth the $20 enrollment fee.