Ignite Food program design

Ignite Food program

Ignite Phoenix was having their first Food edition of the event, and since food and nourishment are big for me I volunteered to design the program for it.

Before beginning design, I created a mood board to share with the team so that we could make sure everyone was on board with the visual direction. I was inspired by restaurant menus that are banded to a wooden plank, which feels dynamic and modern.

Mood board for Ignite Food program design

The event is divided into two halves, so I came up with the idea to name the break in between the sets “Intermezzo”. It refers to cleansing the palette between each course so you can fully enjoy the next thing.

On the front of the program, I was inspired by the way menus list the entree with the price next to it in large type to list the order of the presenters.

Ignite Phoenix Food program