I’m a designer, artist, maker, goal-setter, and dog mom with an enthusiasm for blending creativity and practicality. I follow my interests by digging deep, absorbing whatever I learn about them, and putting what I learn to use. (Making me a natural project manager, since I always have multiple projects going.)

Art, food, design, sewing, and pets make my heart sing. Oh, and time management, too. My ideal day is part feeding my mind + part making.

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Whole-grain baker

I’ve loved to bake for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I preferred to stay in on Saturday nights and make a batch of cookies (Snickerdoodles were my favorite).

In 2014 I bought a countertop grain mill for my kitchen and it completely changed my approach to baking. Inspired by authors who write about eating whole foods like Michael Pollan and his book In Defense of Food, I started the journey of learning how to bake with whole grain wheat flour instead of prepackaged, processed flour.

If all you’re used to is regular white flour, there’s a learning curve to baking with whole grain flour because the content of it is different. Since I love a good challenge, I jumped into learning how to make delicious things with it and kept a blog about my experiments and what I learned. In 2017, I turned the best of what I learned into a book.

The Grain Mill Baking Get-Started Guide is a short and sweet cookbook of 15 tried and true recipes, plus tips and techniques for baking with truly whole wheat flour. If you’re feeling stuck with your grain mill flour it might be what you’re looking for to feel more confident and excited about baking again. You can read more about it on grainmillbaking.com or get your copy on Amazon (available in print and for Kindle).

Happy baking!


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Graphic designer

I’ve been designing for more than 20 years — primarily print collateral, brand development, and website design. I believe in clarity and dependability, which has translated into design work with a focus on details and usability over flashy or trendy.

I think good communication is absolutely key to successful projects, so I approach each project by getting clear on goals and creating a plan for working together. I focus on keeping things moving forward with consistency and attention to detail. And because I value following through with commitments in all aspects of life, you can count on it when you work with me.

It’s always nice when others recognize your hard work and talent. I’m grateful to have been featured in several different places throughout the years, including Dog-milk.com, East Valley Tribune, 12News (video plays automatically, so check your volume before clicking!), Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair, Phoenix New Times “100 Creatives” feature, and Print magazine (chosen as one of the top twenty-one design graduates in the United States in their January 1999 issue.

I take on a limited number of freelance design projects each month. If you’re interested in chatting about a project, you can reach out through the form on my contact page or message me on LinkedIn.

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Pet-loving artist & maker

A career break gave me with the opportunity to focus on my hobbies and adopt a little dog, leading me to create a new handmade business.

Oxford Dogma is a studio of one (well, one maker + two goofy and adorable rescue dogs). I create artwork for people who are crazy in love with their dog and want to feel like good pet parents.

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